Pictures of Sept. 2014 meeting and ride

Here are the pictures for the Sept. 2014 trail ride. Click on any image for a slideshow of larger photos.


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MEMBERSHIP MEETING & FALL RIDE: Just a reminder we will be having our last membership meeting on Saturday September 27th at the Firelite Lounge at 10:00 am. The Firelite Lounge is located right across Highway 32 from the ATV Trailhead in Lakewood. We also will be holding our Annual Meeting with an Annual Financial Report and our Annual Elections. We also received some new & exciting club clothing, which will be sold during our meeting. After the meeting (approx 11:00 am) we will be taking a club ATV ride leaving from the Lakewood Trailhead over to Animal’s Bear Trail Inn in Doty for lunch and returning to the Lakewood Trailhead around 4:00 pm. The ride will be about 50 miles in length. After the ride, the club will be furnishing a cookout with refreshements at the Lakewood Trailhead starting around 5:00 pm. This year we will have another ATV Club (Kettle Moraine ATV Club) join us on the ride and we will also be inviting anyone from the Red Arrow Snowmobile & ATV Club to ride with us. The fall colors should be close to peak this weekend and we are looking for a great day. If you cannot make it for the meeting, please feel free to join us on the ride or just join us at 5:00 pm for the cookout. Thanks.

Jim Wisneski

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2014 Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club Fundraiser Pic’s


Thanks to all the workers who made this possible and to all who came and enjoyed the fun, raffles, food, and drinks.IMG_7703R IMG_7704R IMG_7707R IMG_7708R IMG_7709R IMG_7713R IMG_7715R IMG_7717R IMG_7718R IMG_7719R IMG_7722R IMG_7723R IMG_7744R IMG_7751R

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New Route to Sandtrap Bar & Restaurant

New ATV/UTV Route to Sandtrap Bar & Restaurant:  We received approval from the Oconto County Highway Department to use the Blacktop Shoulder on both sides of County F from Clubhouse Lane (Golf Course) to the
Sandtrap Bar & Restaurant.  The signs are up and the route is now open.  ATV/UTV’s must stay on the blacktop shoulder traveling with the flow of traffic on both sides of Highway F.  The speed limit along County F shoulder for ATV/UTV’s is 20 mph.  The Route ends at the Sandtrap Bar & Restaurant.  This is a pilot program with Oconto County please pay close
attention to the signs and obey the 20 mph speed limit.  Please remember the route ends at Sandtrap Bar & Restaurant and does not continue west into Lakewood.    The following is the route you would use from Lakewood & the Nicolet State Trail:  From the Nicolet State Trail use North Gage Street to Glenbrook Way,  to North Road, turn left on North Road,  turn right onto E. Foresster Road, right on Lake John Road follow ATV Route signs to get to Clubhouse Lane,  cross Highway F at Clubhouse Lane and proceed west to the Sandtrap.  Please remember that both sides of the blacktop shoulder from
Clubhouse Lane to Sandtrap are open for ATV/UTV travel, please travel with flow of traffic.

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Mardi Gras Parade:

I want to thank our members for coming thru with great support at the Lakewood Mardi Gras Parade, we had a total of 25 ATV’s & UTV’s and a total of 40 people that drove or rode in the parade. Thanks to The Red Arrow ATV Club for joining us in the parade. Are clubs work together to make the trails better.


IMG_0207 IMG_0208 IMG_0209 IMG_0210 IMG_0211 IMG_0212 IMG_0213 IMG_0214 IMG_0215 IMG_0216 IMG_0217 IMG_0218 IMG_0434CrSize IMG_0435CrSize

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NEW ATV/UTV ROUTE CONNECTOR: We have just opened up a new ATV Route Connector thru the National Forest that connects Shadow Lake Road & Blue Spruce Road in the Town of Doty. This 1/2 mile connector will make it easier to get to Boulder Lake, Animal’s Bear Trail Inn and the Nicolet State Trail for ATV/UTV Riders that live in Riverview & Doty on the North side of Highway 64. Riders will be able to cross Highway 64 at Blue Spruce Road and then hit both trails that go to Animal’s and to Boulder Lake or continue on to Mountain Lakes Road and the Nicolet State Trail. A special thanks to the Forest Service for allowing us to make the new route and also to Club Member Gene Fredrickson that supplied the equipment & labor to bulldoze the new trail without any cost to our club except for the culvert and the gravel to cover the culvert. This route will be added to the Oconto County ATV Map next year.

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Press Release

HIDDEN BEAR TRAIL ATV CLUB GRADUATES 21 STUDENTS IN DNR ATV SAFETY COURSE: The Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club (HBT ATV Club) held a DNR ATV Safety Course on July 1st & July 2nd. The event, held at the Riverview Town Hall in Mountain, attracted students of all ages from across the eastern half of Wisconsin. DNR certified ATV Instructors from the HBT ATV Club, and the Red Arrow Snowmobile & ATV Club led the two evening course. Students learned about ATV Safety, DNR regulations and respect for the rights of others. Students were required to pass an exam at the end of the training and were issued a DNR ATV Certificate to operate an ATV. Students were also reminded to spread the work that anyone born after January 1st, 1988 must complete the course to operate an ATV legally in Wisconsin. Currently that means anyone 26 years old or younger must have completed the course. Congratulations to all the graduates and their parents who encouraged them to take the course with our club. The HBT ATV Club works with the Forest Service, the DNR, Oconto County and the local townships of Riverview, Doty & Lakewood to open additional ATV routes and trails and to insure the safety of all ATV riders in the area.

HBT DNR ATV Class Room HBT DNR ATV Instructors HBT DNR ATV Instructors HBT DNR ATV - DNR Warden Lee

Respectfully Submitted
Jim Wisneski
DNR Certified ATV Instructor.

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Ditch Line Chips HWY T


Your Club at work, spreading chips in the ditch line along county road T near Animals

IMG_1834R IMG_1835R IMG_1836R IMG_1838R IMG_1839R IMG_1840R IMG_1841R IMG_1843R IMG_1844R

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Club ride photo May 17, 2014


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Information sent to the Oconto County Economic & Dev Corp.

Attached are 4 pictures of members of the Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club & Red Arrow Snowmobile & ATV Club repairing a fence along Highway T in the Town of Doty. The 1/2 mile fence is a part of a 50 mile ATV Trail/Route off of the Nicolet State Trail in Northern Oconto County. The club members (14 in all) had to place new strapping along the 1/2 mile fence. The first picture is the completed fencing, 2nd & 3rd is member’s working on the fence and the 4th is a picture of the entire workteam enjoying lunch after the work was completed.IMG_1689r IMG_1694r IMG_1696r IMG_1698_edited-1CR_edited-1R

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