Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club Donates to Lakewood-Townsend Rescue

Chief of the Lakewood-Townsend Rescue, Steve Harkema (on right) accepts a $500.00 check from the Secretary of the Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club, Jim Wisneski (pictured on left). The donation will be used to help purchase 2 Cardiac Monitors.  Jim explained that the HBT ATV Club has donated to both the Lakewood-Townsend Rescue and the Mountain Rescue over the past few years.  With the sport of ATVing increasing with more and more rider’s each year it is very important that we maintain an excellent rescue service in the local area, Jim stated.  This year the Oconto County Board has made a permanent change to the Oconto County ATV
Season, starting this year the ATV Season will open the last Saturday in April (weather permitting) and close the 1st Sunday in November. Previous years the Oconto County ATV Season opened May 1st (weather permitting) and closed October 31st.  In 2017 the Oconto County ATV Season will open on Saturday April 29th (weather permitting) and close on Sunday November 5th.

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Oconto County ATV Season

Oconto County ATV Season:  The Oconto County ATV Clubs, including our club got the Oconto County Board to make a permanent change to the yearly Oconto County ATV Season.  Starting in 2017 and each year after the Oconto County ATV Season is permanently changed to the following:  Open on the last Saturday in April (weather permitting) and close the first Sunday in November.  This allows 2 additional weekends each year!!!

County F:  Our club met with the Highway Commissioner to extend the use of Highway F on the blacktop shoulder from the Sand Trap Bar to Twin Pines Road (road north of the Super Valu).  We will be signing a memorandum with the County for this use.  This will allow all the residents in the Remus Roads Subdivision & along Highway F from the Golf Course to Twin Pines to access the Nicolet State Trail.  Our club will pay for all signs that are needed and we have to deposit $500.00 to Oconto County to pay for the installation of the signs.  This will be signed this spring and will be open in time for the new Oconto County ATV Season.


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2016 Club pictures

The first meeting of 2016 held at the School House Bar:

The start of the ride after the meeting:

The Madi Gras Parade

The Fund Raiser at Animals Bear Trail Bar:

meeting before fund raiser

Meeting Before the Fundraiser



Ticket Sellers

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