Wisconsin Law

Wisconsin Law
Change Notice:

Starting on July 1,
for for Wisconsin public registered UTV’s & ATVs, owners
will be required to furnish a rear plate in addition to the two side decals
furnished by DNR.

* Plate will be minimum of 4
inches in height and 7 1/2 inches wide.

* Plate must be white

* Black lettering a minimum of 1
1/2 inches high with a minimum 3/16 stroke

* Needs only the 4 registration
numbers and two letters that follow – Same as on the registration decal

* Owner shall maintain the plate
so it is in legible condition

* Plate shall be attached to the
rear of the vehicle.


dnr example 2

ATV License plate kits are available online by the following

Moose Utility, American MFG, Hardline Products or



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