2023 Spring Letter

Another ATV/UTV season is just around the corner, the Oconto County ATV Trails open
Saturday April 29 th , 2023 (weather permitting). We will keep all of our members informed of the
exact date they will open or you can visit our website at: www.hiddenbeartrailatvclub.com or the
Oconto County website at: www.ocontocounty.org. Hoping this letter finds all of you in good
health, in 2019 the Oconto County ATV Trails were closed 6 weeks in July and August due to the
windstorm that damaged thousands of acres of trees. The Forest Service is still working on
getting this cleaned up. Please be careful when riding in logging areas. Enclosed is our 2023
Calendar of Events.
All members were mailed a 2022-2023 Oconto County ATV Map, you can use that map again
this year or pick up one at local businesses in our area. A new Oconto County ATV Map will be
coming out next spring for 2024 & 2025. Last spring the Oconto County Highway Department
opened all the Oconto County Lettered Highways north of Hwy 22 for ATV Travel. Unfortunately
we had the map printed before this happened (speed limit is the posted vehicle speed limit).
None of the State Highway’s in our area (Hwy 32, 41, 64 & 141) are open. All travel on the
Oconto County Lettered Highway’s is on the blacktop, including town roads.
We have been working with the area Townships to have uniform Town Ordinance’s but it
seems like they are all going to do their own thing. Recently the Town of Riverview and Town of
Doty have created new ordinances that are similar, but different. The biggest difference is in the
Town of Doty the Speed Limit on their Town Roads is 20 mph and in Riverview it is the posted
vehicle speed limit. Each township has this posted at the boundaries of their townships. We will
continue to work with the other townships in our area to match the Oconto County Ordinance.
Again this year we are looking for monthly volunteers to help clean out the water bars on the
ATV Trail from Highway 32 over to Highway T in Doty. This normally only needs to be done twice
a month and takes about 2 hours with travel. If you can help us out, please email Jim Wisneski at:
hiddenbeartrailatvclub@centurytel.net or call at 920-562-7872.
Our annual fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday August 19 th , 2023 at Animal’s Bear Trail Inn.
We will be looking for volunteer’s again this year to help. We will be contacting members at a
later date to sign up to help. Please mark your calendar. We also have our $100.00 cash raffle
tickets available to purchase, if you are interested in purchasing a ticket contact Jim at the above
phone number or email address. First prize is $5000.00 again this year with 24 other cash prizes.
Jim Wisneski, President