FUN DAY Saturday March 24th, 2012




Is now over and very successful with raising enough money to pay for the signs needed to open all the town roads in Lakewood to ATV travel on May 1, 2012 

Thanks to all who attended and those who worked very hard to make this possible.

A special thanks to the Paul Bunyan
Riders Snowmobile Club for all their help.

New UTV Registration Bill Highlights: Effective July 1st
the Permanent Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) Registration program will replace the current temporary program in place for the last three years.

Highlights include: Creates a new UTV decal  UTV public registrations will be $30 / 2 years …UTVs owners will be able to purchase non-resident trail passes…UTV’s will be included in the ATV snowplowing law….Tampering with UTV hour meters and dometers / same protection as ATV…User generated funding for trails…. Maximum passenger & seating requirements…Definition of the UTVPrivate / agriculture UTV registration will be exactly the same as ATV private registrations….For public UTV & ATV registrations, in addition to the 2 side decals furnished
by DNR, owners will furnish their own rear plate…the plates will be 4 inches by 7 ½ inches wide, white in color and letters must be a minimum of 1 ½ inches high with 3/16 inch spacing. Owners will supply plates (available
online) that have the 4 number 2 letter registration number also on side decals.
Commercial dealers, OEMs, distributors will still register with the DNR but will no longer be issued plates, only decals for a self-provided plate…A new shorter term, non-resident trail pass will be available for both UTVs and ATVs….Effective dates for non-resident trail passes and for permanent ATV and UTV registrations decals will change to April 1st from July 1st  A registration free weekend for ATVs and UTVs is added…Certain ATVs that do not currently fit the ATV definition can be registered as UTVs Same safety and education rules will apply to UTV drivers.