ATV Club Donates to Oconto River Kids

HIDDEN BEAR TRAIL (HBT) ATV CLUB DONATES TO OCONTO RIVER KIDS: The HBT ATV Club membership secretary Dawn Schomoker presents a $1000.00 check to Dan Guendert from the Oconto River Kids.  The Oconto River Kids is a non-profit organization that assist children with life threatening illnesses.  Their signature event is the annual bear hunt, where they take the kids out in woods to hunt a bear.  The organization assist the entire family with travel, housing in the area, food, the bear hunt, processing and taxidermy if they are lucky to get a bear.  The HBT Club has donated to this organization over the past 7 years and want to thank the Oconto River Kids on such a unique way to give back to the community.


Jim Wisneski, President