Cash Raffle Winner’s and Pictures

Our Cash Raffle Winner’s was drawn on Saturday August 20th at 5:00 pm.
Thanks to all the member’s that purchased the $100.00 Tickets.  If you
won and were not in attendance, a check will be mailed to you.

$5000.00 – Paul Schumacher

$2000.00 – Dave & Connie Hedman

$1000.00 – Gary Wirth

$800.00 –  Paul Bunyan Rider’s

$600.00 – Helen Buechell

$500.00 –  Alexi Houg

$400.00 – Mike Richling and Cheryl Jawort

$300.00 – Jim & Mike Wisneski

$200.00 – RCH & Ben, RCH, Dave Kalous, Dennis Pommering, Lori Schaefer,
Julie Wolf, John Hoffman, Chad Wyman, Georgia Dinkelman, Mark & Kris
Allen, Hoser & Renee, Carl Krueger, Bryan Malzahn, Kathy Ramiez, Mike
Richling & Cheryl Jawort, Jerry Beckerson & Carl & Kate Jenson.

A special thanks to all the member’s that helped Friday & Saturday to
set up, work during the event and to help with taking everything down
after the event and to all the people that showed up to support our
club!!!  Thanks again!!