Good Morning. the following is a list of the Cash Winner’s from our Cash Raffle held on Saturday August 15th, 2020 at Animal’s Bear Trail Inn:

$4000.00 -Lance & Kim Wiedenhault

$2000.00 – Dave & Connie Hedman

$900.00 – Dave Pitterle & Dave Krizek

$700.00 – Connie Wisneski

$600.00 – Don Springstroh

$500.00 – Pat Wisneski

$450.00 – Dave Kalous

$300.00 – Fay & Sarah Fiedler

$200.00 –  Dot Wells, Jodi Boucher, Lexi & Mark, Linda Smith, James Francois, Jerry VanDen Plas

$150.00 – Gene Fredrickson, Eric Nelson, Greg Seylar, Tracy, Ann & Darcy, John Brantmeier, Greg Zell, Brian & Janet Hart, Rick Scray, Jim Jawort, Darcy Smith, Rick Farr

The following is a list of Winner’s for our Gun Raffle:  Gun – Bob Johnson, $75.00 Dale Bergsbaker, & $25.00 Brian Brehmer

The Hidden Bear Trail ATV Board of Director’s would like to thank everyone that purchased a ticket.  Proceeds from this raffle go back in to maintaining safe ATV/UTV Trails and creating new ATV/UTV trails for rider’s to enjoy!!