Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club Newsletter July 2013

Membership Meeting: The July Membership
Meeting was held on Saturday July 13th at Mulligan’s. A total of 12 members
Report: All Town Roads are now open in the Town of Doty.
Our club received a report of ATV Rider’s driving down County T between Star
Lake Road & Eichoff Road to get to the trail system. ATV/UTV Rider’s in
that area can only access the trail by taking Island Lake Road or Star Lake Road
into the Town of Riverview. The trail system crosses both of these roads. We
have just started working with the Forest Service in creating a small connector
between Shadow Lake Road & Blue Spruce Road that will allow quicker access
to residents in the Town of Doty on the West Side of Highway 64 to access the
trail system. We will keep you updated on this information. Please help
support the Doty Fireman’s Picnic this Saturday July 20th from 11:00 am to 11:00
pm at the Doty Fire Department on County T.
Lakewood Report: The DNR Warden
reported to the club that over the 4th of July weekend we had a problem on
Forrester Road with someone spinning donuts on the blacktop. Also a report of
riders speeding on this same road. A citation was written to the ATV riders on
Forrester Road in Lakewood. It was also suggest by the Warden that our club
install more 10mph signs on Forrester Road which we did.
Riverview Report: The DNR Warden
Reported that ATV/UTV Riders are still trying to take Tar Dam Road from the
Nicolet State Trail to Hwy 32 and then ride the DOT right of way to the Halfway
Bar. We have numerous no ATV Signs in that area but the riders still continue
to use the DOT right of way. It was suggested by the Warden to put up some
directional signs on the Nicolet State Trail to guide riders in the right
direction to the Halfway Bar. Our club installed the signs. Please remember to
support the Riverview Park & Rec fundraiser that will take place on Saturday
August 3rd, 2013 from noon to 3:00 pm at the Riverview Fire Department on
Highway 32
Mardi Gras Parade: Our
club participated in the Mardi Gras Parade on Sunday July 14th. We throw out
Mardi Gras Beads again this year. A special thanks to Loren Nelson &
Virginia Nelson for decorating the trailer in the parade.
Service Report: We continue to meet with the FS regarding
the Boulder Lake Project and the Project from the Nicolet State Trail over to
Sullivan Springs Road. We did get some good news regarding the Boulder Lake
Project that the FS does not believe that the WI DNR will not have to get
involved with the project. We are waiting for the final report from the FS and
hopefully we can open this trail connector soon. We also received word that we
may be able to open the trail/route over to Sullivan Springs Road and to the
Golf Course from the Nicolet State Trail but it may only be open from August 1st
to October 31st each year due to a nesting issue with some wildlife. Also like
we said in our Doty Report we have just contacted the FS in regards to a small
area of new trail system between Shadow Lake Road & Blue Spruce
DNR Laws: Governor Walker signed a new ATV/UTV Law in
June. The entire new law will be on our website at www.hiddenbeartrailatvclub.com. The following is the one section of the new law that will effect
some riders: “This new law strengthens the oversight requirement for youth,
ages 12 – 15, while riding legal road routes by requiring the parent or a parent
approved adult, to now accompany these aged youth. Previous law allowed a 12-15
year old to legally ride alone on road routes, after passing the Wisconsin DNR
ATV safety course. The new law still requires the youth to pass the DNR course,
but they can no longer ride on legal road routes. This change does not apply to
trails, only on road routes.
Raffle: We still have a few $100.00 Cash Raffle Tickets
available. First prize is $3500.00 in cash (17 other cash prizes) and there are
only 125 tickets being sold. The drawing will be on Saturday August 17th at
6:00 pm at our fundraiser at Animal’s Bear Trail Inn. If you would like to
purchase a ticket contact Jim at 715-276-6612.
Fundraiser: Our annul fundraiser will
be on Saturday August 17th at Animal’s Bear Trail Inn at the corner of Hwy 64
& T from noon till 6:00 pm. Please inform friends and family members of
this fun event. We will have Meat Raffles all day, 50-50 raffles, food &
refreshments. We are still looking for help that day from our members
especially people to sell Meat Raffle Tickets. We have 2 shifts one from noon –
3:00 pm and then from 3:00 pm till 6:00 pm. Please contact Jim if you can
Con USA: Trail Con USA will be held again this year in
Antigo WI at the Fairgrounds on Friday August 9th and Saturday August 10th. All
of the state trail system association will be in attendance including ATV/UTV,
Snowmobile, 4 wheel drive, Wisconsin Horse Council and off rode motorcycle
association. For more information visit the www.watva.org
Membership Meeting: August 17th (the day of our
fundraiser) at 10:00 am at Animal’s Bear Trail Inn.
Ride: We will be having our annual club ride on Saturday
September 14th leaving the Lakewood Trailhead at approx 11:00 am. Our Board of
Directors will also be discussing a possible cookout after the ride that day,
more info to follow.
Jim and Patti Wisneski