Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club Newsletter June 2012

The June ATV Membership Meeting was held on Saturday June 9th, 2012 at 10:00 am at Mulligan’s Sports Bar, Lakewood WI.
The following was the information that was shared with the membership:
Membership Report: We have a total of 113 paying members and a total of 205 family members.
Update: We continue to update our website on a weekly basis. We have a link to Oconto County on our website where you can find the up-to-date Oconto County ATV map. We also have all the new info in regards to the new UTV bill & the new license plate information. Please visit our website at ww.hiddenbeartrailatvclub.com.
Parade: Our club participated in the Annual Mountain Memorial Day Parade on Sunday, May 27th. We had our “Hidden Bear” Float in the parade along with 12 ATV’s and UTV’s. We handed out over 40 pounds of candy to children along the parade route. It was a beautiful day and fun was had by all.
Report: All the Lakewood Town Roads were officially opened for ATV/UTV travel effective May 1st, 2012. We are currently working with Pat Scanlan the Oconto County Highway Commissioner to open portions of Highway F.
We met with Pat in May and gave him the information on what portion’s of Highway
F we would like opened for ATV/UTV travel. Pat contacted our club and wanted us
to look at different alternative’s in regards to using Highway F for ATV/UTV
travel. We have contacted some private land owner’s to use their property
rather than Highway F, once we get our alternative plan in place, we will
present it to Pat Scanlan. We still plan on getting portion’s of Highway F
opened but must look at all alternatives before we present it to Oconto County.
We will keep the membership informed on the progress of this project.
Report: On May 29th our club attended a Planning Commission Meeting in the Town of Riverview. The Planning Commission voted to hold a public forum tentatively set for June 23rd, 2012 at the Riverview Town Hall at 10:00 am to open the remaining roads in the Town of Riverview for ATV/UTV travel. Currently there are 64 roads in the Town of Riverview open for ATV\UTV travel. We will need all member’s including business members to attend the forum. The purpose of the forum is to assist the Planning Commission on making their decision in regards to opening the remainder of the roads in the Town of Riverview for ATV/UTV travel. The information regarding this meeting will be advertised in the local newspapers. I will send out a separate email when we get closer to the date to remind people of this important meeting. The Planning Commission will use the information gathered at this forum and will decide to either approve/disapprove the use of all town roads for ATV/UTV travel. If the Planning Commission approves it will then be forwarded to the members of the Riverview Town Board for a vote.
Report: We continue to have discussion with town officials regarding opening more roads in the Town of Doty. If you would like to contact the Doty Town Officials in regards to this, please go to their website at:
www.townofdoty.org/town-contact for a list of town officials
Service (FS) Report: We met with FS official Darrell Richards on May 30th in regards to a few of our FS projects. The first one was the new construction of a .17 mile route between Island Lake Road and Star Lake Road in the Town of Riverview. This project is the continuation of the new trail/route that we opened last fall. Currently their is a detour between these 2 roads thru the Forest Service Property due to some wetlands. We have applied or a WI DNR grant to complete this project and we will find out the results of that grant request sometime in August. We hope shortly after that we can complete the new construction and the project will be complete. The 2nd project was to complete the maintenance on the remainder of the FS route that we opened last fall between the Nicolet State Trail and Mountain Lakes Road in the Town of Riverview, we have $6700.00 of the $23,000 we received last year to spend to complete more maintenance on that part of the new trail. Our contractor will be completing that work soon, so you should see some improvements on that portion of the new route. The 3rd project that we looked at that day was a new route from Blue Spruce Road in Doty to the Boulder Lake Campground area, we met with the 2 owner’s of the Boulder Lake Campgrounds and discussed this area and the area where the private land owner has given us permission to cross his land to complete this route. More information on this project will be forthcoming. The 4th and last project discussed was the route off of the Nicolet Trail just North of Mulligan’s over to Crooked Lake. We have been discussing this with the FS for the past 2 years and due to this route location adjoining a ruffed grouse area it seems to be on hold. We continue to tell the FS that this project is our #1 project and we will continue to discuss this with them. If we can open this route/trail it will benefit all the ATV/UTV riders in the Lakewood/Townsend
area on a shorter way to Crooked Lake and to the Northern Marinette County Trail
System and a very nice ride completely thru the FS. We will be having our
quarterly meeting today at 1:00 pm with the FS and hopefully we have additional
information regarding all of these projects.
Raffle Update – We still have tickets that are not sold.
If you are interested in purchasing a ticket for a chance to win $3,000.00 please contact Jim at
715-276-6612 or email at hiddenbeartrailatvclub@centurytel.net.
Fundraiser August 18th, 2012: Our
annual fundraiser will be Saturday August 18th, 2012 at Animal’s Bear Trail Inn
from noon – 6:00 pm. We will have a “wheel of meat” raffle, 50-50 raffles,
other prize raffles, food, beverages and fun. We will also have our annual
meeting that day with elections starting at 10:00 am. We still need a lot of help with this fundraiser, we need
raffle ticket sellers, food servers, cashiers etc. If you can help please
contact Jim at the above number or email address. More
info regarding this will be forthcoming. Please mark your calendars for a fun
Clothing: We will have additional club clothing at our
Fundraiser on August 18th, 2012.
Members: Please support the following Business Members of
our club: Animal’s Bear Trail Inn, Boulder Lake Campground, Echo Valley
Campground, Firehouse Bar, Halfway Bar, Lakewood Hardware Lakewood Motor Sports,
Lakewood Super Valu, Lizer Lawn Care in Depere WI, Maple Heights Campground,
Mulligan’s, Pine Grove Bar, The Firelite Lounge, Timberline Restaurant, 9 Mile
Resort, Hwy 55, White Lake, J & J contracting, Sandtrap Bar & Grill
& Tebo Lakewood Realty & Cellular.
Meeting: Halfway Bar July 14th, 10:00 am, Highway 32
Jim and Patti Wisneski