Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club Newsletter October 2013

Membership Meeting: Our last membership
meeting was held on Saturday, October 12th at 10:00 am at Pine Grove Bar &
Grill (thanks Rocky for opening up early). We had 18 members in attendance.
This will be our last membership meeting of 2013 & our last newsletter of
Lakewood, Doty & Riverview Report:
The Riverview Planning Commission will be holding a Public Hearing on Tuesday October 29th at 6:00 pm at the Riverview Town Hall. The planning commission will receive public input (pro & con) for ATV usage on Town of Riverview Roads for the 2013 year. If you own property in Riverview and are able to attend, please do so. Doty & Lakewood reported very few issues from any town officials. Our club is still working on getting issue’s on the ditchline
on County F taken care of. New no-ATV signs have been posted in ditchlines
where it is not legal to ride.
Boulder Lake Project & Other Forest Service (FS)
Projects: After 3 years of working with the FS we have
opened up the ATV/UTV Route from Blue Spruce Road over to Boulder Lake Area. This will enable riders from the Echo Valley Campground and Boulder Lake Campground to access the ATV/UTV Trail System, along with property owners in this area of Doty to access the trail. This trail/route will be added to the 2014 Oconto County ATV/UTV map. A special thanks to the FS for giving our club a $6225.00 Grant to make improvements to this ATV/UTV trail/route. We are continuing to work with the FS to open the route from the Nicolet State Trail over to Sullivan Springs Road, hopefully this will be open on August 1st, 2014. We also will continue to work with the FS to get more trails/routes thru the National Forest and off of some of the Town Roads that we currently
Recreational Bridge at Langlade: On
Wednesday October 9th our club attended an informational meeting at Langlade to discuss the proposed new recreational bridge at Langlade across the Wolf River. The WI DNR held this informational meeting to get public input on this new proposed bridge. WI DNR officials, WI DOT officials, County Government
Officials, Local Government Officials and Local ATV, Snowmobile Clubs were in
attendance. The proposed recreational bridge is just in the planning stages and
it is currently proposed to build a stand alone bridge next to the current
bridge that crosses the Wolf River on Highway 64. This bridge would be built on
DOT Right Away. This bridge would be used for not only ATV Crossing but also
for Snowmobile, Bikers, & Pedestrians. This proposed bridge would connect
the Oconto County ATV Trail System with the Langlade County ATV System. Our club is involved because if this bridge becomes a reality the plan is to connect our trail system at Saul Springs Road in the Town of Doty with this new Trail System over to Langlade and into Langlade County. Our club is currently working with the FS to get the needed trails from Saul Springs Road over to Langlade.
More info to follow.
Financial Report: Treasurer Tom Siudzinski prepared the
Annual Financial Report and it was present to all members in attendance at the
meeting. Any one that would like a copy of this report please contact Secretary
Jim Wisneski.
Year’s Fundraiser – The Board of Director’s approved 2
Fundraiser’s for 2014, the first is a Brat Fry at Lakewood Super Valu on
Saturday July 5th and the 2nd one will be our Annual Cash Raffle and Meat Raffle on Saturday August 16th. We will begin selling our cash raffle tickets in April or May of 2014
Years Membership Meetings: The Board of Director’s have decided to change our Monthly Membership Meetings from May thru October to having 3 membership meeting’s each year. Our first Membership Meeting in 2014 will be in May that will include a club ride, our second meeting will be our Annual Fundraiser in August and our 3rd meeting will be in September or October that will also include a club ride. The Board of Director’s will continue to meet monthly from April thru October and any information that needs to be disseminated to our members will be via email or US Mail. We will only publish 3 newsletters a year but again if there is any pertinent information that our members need it will be sent out via email or US Mail. All information will be posted on our website also at www.hiddenbeartrailatvclub.com.
Resurfacing on Nicolet State Trail: The County has scheduled to resurface 3 bridges South of Mountain on the Nicolet State Trail. At present all 3 bridges are scheduled to be done after October 31st when the Nicolet State Trail is closed. There is a chance that 2 bridges around Suring may be completed during the last week of October that may close the Nicolet
State Trail in that area a week sooner. Information regarding this will be on
the Oconto County Website and if our club hears more info we will send that out
to all members.

Oconto County Trail System: The Oconto County ATV/UTV Trail
System (which includes the Nicolet State Trail) will close November 1st. All
Town Roads in the Townships of Townsend, Mountain, Lakewood, Riverview &
Doty are opened year round for ATV/UTV use but the trail systems will close
November 1st.
Membership Dues: Our yearly membership renewal’s will be
mailed out around the 1st of December, all membership payments are due by
December 31st, 2013. Thank you in advance for your
Oconto County ATV/UTV Map: Our club and 4 other local ATV Clubs are currently working on next year’s Oconto County ATV/UTV map. The 2014 map should be ready for distribution around April 2014. If any member’s has any comments on the 2013 map please let Jim know. We are currently in the planning stages and changes to the map can still be made.
Elections: Our Annual Elections were
held Saturday October 12th at our membership meeting. The following is the
results of these elections: Shawn Fidler – President, Loren Nelson – Vice
President, Tom Siudzinski – Treasurer, Jim Wisneski – Secretary and the
following 6 Board of Directors: Kathy Steinbach, Mike Richling, Dave Pitterle,
Tim Stephani, Jim Schommer & Gene Dunsirn.
Business Members: The following is a
list of our Business Sponsors, please help support their efforts: Lakewood
Hardware, Timberline Restaurant, Lakewood Super Valu, Lakewood Power Sports, Mulligan’s, Beach Club, Prospect Lodge, Lizer Lawn Care, Animal’s Bear Trail Inn, J & J Contracting, Maple Heights Campground, Echo Valley Campground, Tebo Lakewood Realty & Cellular, O’Neils Halfway Bar, 9 mile Resort, Firelite Bar & Grill, Pine Grove Bar & Grill, Boulder Lake Lodge and a
new business member Waubee Lake Lodge. Thank you for your support of our
2013 Newsletter: As mentioned before this will be our last
newsletter of the year but we will continue to get you club info as needed via
email, website or US Mail. Hopefully you all had a safe & enjoyable riding
season and our club will continue to work on getting additional ATV/UTV
Trails/Routes for your riding enjoyment in our area in 2014. Have a safe and
joyous Holiday Season