MEMBERSHIP MEETING & FALL RIDE: Just a reminder we will be having our last membership meeting on Saturday September 27th at the Firelite Lounge at 10:00 am. The Firelite Lounge is located right across Highway 32 from the ATV Trailhead in Lakewood. We also will be holding our Annual Meeting with an Annual Financial Report and our Annual Elections. We also received some new & exciting club clothing, which will be sold during our meeting. After the meeting (approx 11:00 am) we will be taking a club ATV ride leaving from the Lakewood Trailhead over to Animal’s Bear Trail Inn in Doty for lunch and returning to the Lakewood Trailhead around 4:00 pm. The ride will be about 50 miles in length. After the ride, the club will be furnishing a cookout with refreshements at the Lakewood Trailhead starting around 5:00 pm. This year we will have another ATV Club (Kettle Moraine ATV Club) join us on the ride and we will also be inviting anyone from the Red Arrow Snowmobile & ATV Club to ride with us. The fall colors should be close to peak this weekend and we are looking for a great day. If you cannot make it for the meeting, please feel free to join us on the ride or just join us at 5:00 pm for the cookout. Thanks.

Jim Wisneski