Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club Newsletter #2, 2022

ANNUAL FUNDRAISER:  Our annual fundraiser and 2nd membership meeting was held on Saturday August 20th at Animal’s Bear Trail Inn.  We had 45 member’s for the meeting that started at noon.  Our Fundraiser started at 1:00 pm and concluded at 5:00 pm with the drawing of our large cash raffle.  The weather cooperated even though at our meeting at noon it was down pouring but at 12:45 the sun broke thru the clouds and we had clear sailing after that.  Our crowd was huge and our meat raffle was a great success even with 2 other local events going on at the same time.  A special thanks to over 50 club member’s that volunteered Friday and Saturday.  The proceeds from this fundraiser goes back into creating new ATV trails and maintaining our current trail system.

TRAIL UPDATE:  We have been making improvements on the trails that our club is responsible for, in the Boulder Lake Area we spend in excess of $10,000.00 for improvements in that area.  We also re-positioned our waterbars that keep the trails from washing out in several locations.  We also performed our yearly maintenance allowance in several area’s (filling in pot holes, smoothing out the trails if possible, etc.)

NEXT MEMBERSHIP MEETING, CLUB RIDE AND CLUB PICNIC:  Our next membership meeting will be on Saturday September 24th at 10:00 am at Mulligan’s Sport Bar on Hwy 32.  Our club ride will follow the meeting.  We will be riding over to Crooked Lake again this year and have lunch at the Crooked Trails and Dusty Trails ATV Club year end Poker Run.  After lunch we will return to Mountain to have our annual club picnic at School House Bar in Mountain.  The club will furnish all food for the Picnic.  More info on this day will be forthcoming via email or mail.

ANNUAL ELECTIONS:  We will be holding our annual election on Saturday September 24th at our Membership Meeting at Mulligan’s. The President, Treasurer and Membership Secretary along with 3 board of Director’s will be elected.  We also will be looking to fill our vacant Vice-President position.  We are looking for member’s to step forward for these positions.  A separate email and mail will be send to each member in a few weeks explaining the duties of the positions along with how you can nominate individuals or yourself for these positions.  Please stay tuned!!!

BUSINESS MEMBERS:  Please support the following businesses that belong to our club:  Lakewood Hardware, Lakewood Super Valu, Mulligans, Lotter’s BP, J & J Contracting, Animal’s Bear Trail Inn, Maple Heights Campground, Echo Valley Campground, Boulder Lake Campground, Tebo Lakewood Reality & Cellular, Anderson’s Supper Club, O’neils Halfway Bar, Firelite Bar & Grill, Waubee Lodge, The School House Bar & Grill, Sandtrap Bar & Grill, Lakewood Motorsports, Binder Lake Lodge, and All Season’s Riders ATV Club.

Hope to see you at our next meeting, Jim!!!!