Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club

Mon, May 8, 4:48 PM (15 hours ago)

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OCONTO COUNTY ATV TRAILS:  The Oconto County ATV Trails will open Friday May 12th.  Some of the area’s are still wet, so please do not rut up the trails when you are riding.  Also please have a safe ATV Riding Season.  Reminder:  Our 1st membership meeting and ride will be on June 17th, with a meeting at 10:00 am, and group ride starting at 11:00 am.

AREA TOWN ROADS:  We have been working with the 7 townships in our area (Breed, Brazeau, Mountain, Townsend, Lakewood, Doty and Riverview) to get them to work together to create the same ordinance that Oconto County did last spring when they opened the County Highways for ATV and set the speed limit at the vehicle speed limit.  We attended 2 – Seven Town Meetings to discuss a similar ordinance pertaining to speed limits for ATV/UTV’s on Town Roads.  They were supposed to create an adhoc committee to discuss but they never did.  It looks like each township is going to either create a new ordinance or leave the one they have in place.  The following is an update to the Towns that updated their Ordinance and the speed limits for ATV/UTV’s on the Town Roads:  Riverview passed a new Ordinance exactly the same as Oconto County with the speed limits set the same as vehicle traffic, Doty passed a new Ordinance and set the ATV/UTV Speed Limits at 20 MPH.  We are currently working with the Town of Lakewood to change their speed limits to the vehicle speed limits but at this time it is 25 MPH.  The other 4 townships have not changed or updated their ATV Ordinance.  These townships have ATV/UTV speed limits set at 20MPH or 25 MPH.  We will update you as things change.  Thanks

Jim Wisneski, President

Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club