Oconto County Highway

OCONTO COUNTY HIGHWAYS:  The Oconto County Board of Supervisor passed a new Oconto County ATV/UTV Ordinance regarding the travel of ATV’s/UTV’s on Oconto County Highway’s.  Effective April 13th all Oconto County Highway’s north of Highway 22 will be open for ATV/UTV travel.  This is only for Oconto County Highways and each Township in Oconto County will still have their own ATV/UTV Ordinance.  The 3 Oconto County Highway’s in our area are Highway T, Highway W and Highway F.  All of these will be open for ATV/UTV travel beginning April 13th and will remain open all year.  The entire Oconto County ATV trail system is scheduled to open Saturday April 30th, 2022 (weather permitting).

SPRING LETTER AND NEW MAP:  All member’s will be receiving a copy of our annual spring letter and a new 2022-2023 Oconto County ATV Map before April 30th.  The new map will not have the County Highway’s open for ATV Travel but the electronic map will be updated with these changes and a new feature on the paper map is a QR Code that you can use for any updated trail information and any ATV events that are being held in our area.  It also has a QR Code that can be used to see all the Oconto County Townships ATV Ordinances.  Lastly if anyone has purchased a new machine or would like a club decal for their machine, please email me and we will mail one to you.  Please visit our website at: www.hiddenbeartrailatvclub.com or the Oconto County Website at: www.ocontocounty.org to view an updated ATV map and to get updated info on trail openings.  As soon as a determination is made on the opening date of the Oconto County ATV Trails we will let you know.  Thanks

Jim Wisneski, Secretary

Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club