Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club and Red Arrow Snowmobile-ATV Club graduate 31 ATV Safety Course Students.

Students and instructors pose for a group photo during the ATV Safety Course
held at the Town Lakewood Community Center on April 23rd. 31 students graduated from the course.

The Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club and Red Arrow Snowmobile-ATV Club held a DNR ATV Safety Course on April 23rd. The event was held at the Town of Lakewood Community Center, and attracted students of all ages. Lead Instructor was Brian Fitzpatrick. Instructors Diane Fitzpatrick, Jim Wisneski, Larry Westphal, and John Brantmeier led the one day course, and were extremely pleased with the attentiveness and participation of the students. Oconto County Sheriff’s Office Recreational Officer Andy Dryja provided insight into relevant information as identified in the Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Regulations.

31 students passed the exam and have successfully the completed the DNR ATV Safety Course. Class participants included: Brady Awe, Susan Bauer, Eden Behnke, Lexi Bell, Tyler Bell, Madison Bloom, Quintin Bohl, Jaxun Brink, Aiden Cahak, Drew Cieciwa, Walker Davis, Parker Haring, Evan Ishmael, Heidi Jorgensen, Jovie Lang, Joey Lang, Corbin Mekash, Cooper Mekash, Jeffrey Mekash, Devin Otto, Gwendolyn Otto, Lana Posik, Kellen Pradarelli, Buckley Proctor-Rowland, Beau Proctor-Rowland, Cody Rupiper, Luke Skala, Emily Skala, Ellayna Skarban, Jesse Telford, and Autumn Warden.

Individuals born after January 1, 1988 must complete the course to drive an ATV legally in Wisconsin.
An on-line version is available through the DNR, but students of all ages students are encouraged to take the classroom version for maximum effect. Instructors stressed the requirement that everyone under the age of 18 must wear a helmet when riding on public trails, including all passengers in a UTV.

Congratulations to all the graduates and their parents who encouraged them to take the course. The Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club is active in the communities of Doty, Riverview, and Lakewood. The Red Arrow Snowmobile ATV Club has been serving the Townsend area since 1968.

You can find out more about Hidden Bear Trail and Red Arrow activities by visiting our websites at
hiddenbear trailatvclub.com and redarrowtownsend.com or visiting us on Facebook.


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Oconto County Highway

OCONTO COUNTY HIGHWAYS:  The Oconto County Board of Supervisor passed a new Oconto County ATV/UTV Ordinance regarding the travel of ATV’s/UTV’s on Oconto County Highway’s.  Effective April 13th all Oconto County Highway’s north of Highway 22 will be open for ATV/UTV travel.  This is only for Oconto County Highways and each Township in Oconto County will still have their own ATV/UTV Ordinance.  The 3 Oconto County Highway’s in our area are Highway T, Highway W and Highway F.  All of these will be open for ATV/UTV travel beginning April 13th and will remain open all year.  The entire Oconto County ATV trail system is scheduled to open Saturday April 30th, 2022 (weather permitting).

SPRING LETTER AND NEW MAP:  All member’s will be receiving a copy of our annual spring letter and a new 2022-2023 Oconto County ATV Map before April 30th.  The new map will not have the County Highway’s open for ATV Travel but the electronic map will be updated with these changes and a new feature on the paper map is a QR Code that you can use for any updated trail information and any ATV events that are being held in our area.  It also has a QR Code that can be used to see all the Oconto County Townships ATV Ordinances.  Lastly if anyone has purchased a new machine or would like a club decal for their machine, please email me and we will mail one to you.  Please visit our website at: www.hiddenbeartrailatvclub.com or the Oconto County Website at: www.ocontocounty.org to view an updated ATV map and to get updated info on trail openings.  As soon as a determination is made on the opening date of the Oconto County ATV Trails we will let you know.  Thanks

Jim Wisneski, Secretary

Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club

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Town of Lakewood:  The Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club and the Red Arrow Snowmobile-ATV Club are sponsoring a Wisconsin DNR Certified ATV Safety Course.  The course will be held at the Town of Lakewood Community Center,  North Rd. and Highway F (just east of highway 32).   The one (1) day class will meet on Saturday, April 23, 2022 from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.   Student Handbooks will be mailed out 2 weeks prior to the class.  Registration will close by Thursday, April 7, 2022.  This will allow sufficient time to mail out the Student Handbooks.

This is a one (1) day class, so students are expected to read the Student Handbook and complete the Chapter Review questions in advance of the actual class.  This format was used at a class last year, and works exceptionally well as the students come prepared.

Anyone is welcome to attend the course with a recommended minimum age of 11-1/2.  Anyone born after January 1, 1988 and at least 12 years old must have ATV certification to operate on public areas.  These students who have not reached the age of 12 may not use the certificate to operate alone until they turn at least 12 years of age.  Parents and adults are encouraged to enroll and participate.  Fees for the course are $10.00 per student.  The fee is waived if you, your parents, or your grandparents are members of either Hidden Bear Trail or Red Arrow clubs.

Students successfully completing the course will receive ATV safety graduate certificates.  This is classroom only, there is no actual ATV operation.

Students must register online and also obtain a DNR customer number at gowild.wi.gov or a customer number can also be obtained at DNR service outlets or by calling 888-936-7463.

Class size will be limited to 30 participants.  It is recommended  to register well in advance of the April 6, 2022 deadline as these classes are normally full.  Students with special needs will need to contact the instructor at least two weeks to request special accommodations. For information, please contact Brian Fitzpatrick at fitzpatrick953@gmail.com (preferred) or call 715 340-6262 (cell).

To learn more about either club, please visit our websites at:  hiddenbeartrailatvclub.com or redarrowtownsend.com  or visit us on Facebook.

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