A Division of
Land & Water Resources Department
Contact: 920-834-6995 or 920-834-6827
Please be advised that as of August 29, 2019 all ATV trails funded by Oconto County will
be open for travel. The attached map shows the location of Oconto County trails that will
be open for travel (Depicted in color BLUE).
Please be advised that segments of the trail are connected by Town and US Forest
Service roads. Visitors are reminded to check the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest
website (https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/cnnf/landmanagement/?cid=fseprd644781)
before visiting for the latest updates on what is open and closed. A closure order is in
place for roads, trails and recreation sites that were damaged during the storm. Visitors
should also contact each townships for riding ATVs on town roads.
Please review the updated maps and plan out a route before riding. Riding on closed
roads and trails may result in law enforcement action.
For more information please visit Oconto County website at www.co.oconto.wi.us to review
News announcements on the left of the home page. You may also contact the Forestry
and Parks Department at 920-834-6995.

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Trails update & cleanup —– Fund raiser Saturday

OCONTO COUNTY ATV TRAILS UPDATE:  Our club along with 3 other area ATV Clubs met yesterday in Lakewood with the National Forest Supervisor and the Oconto Park & Forestry Administrator.  The update is as follows:  All of the Oconto County ATV Trails remain closed.  The Forest Service has been working in the National Forest to clear all the ATV Trails and Routes and the clubs have been going behind them to pick up brush on the trails and cut any small stuff off of the trails.  The Nicolet State Trail work will not be started until August 22nd due to the notification of adjacent land owner’s that trees that are on their property that are blocking the trail will be cut down.  All Landowner’s need to reply by August 21st if they object to this procedure.  The hope is to have the Nicolet State Trail cleaned up by August 29th.  We were also informed from the Forest Service there may be certain area’s that need to be closed if they start cutting all the timber in certain areas.  As we get updates we will pass them on.

TRAIL CLEANUP –  Our club still has one section of trail that needs to be cleaned up from Island Lake Road north to the Nicolet State Trail.  This was the part that we did not finish last Monday.  The plan is to meet at the Riverview Town Hall on Tuesday August 20th at 9:30.  If you want to bring your ATV/UTV with a trailer you can park at the Town of Riverview.  If you can get to the Town of Riverview Townhall using Town Road with your ATV/UTV’s that will work also.  Otherwise we can use pick-ups or SUV’s to go down the trail.  The Forest Service has removed all the large trees off of the trail but we need to clear brush and small trees away from the trail.  If we have enough people again it should only take 3 hours.

FUNDRAISERLast reminder of our Fundraiser this Saturday starting at noon at Animal’s Bear Trail Inn!!!

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MARDI GRAS PARADE: Our Club will participate in the Lakewood Mardi Gras Parade again this year. The parade is scheduled to start at Noon at the Lakewood Cemetery on Sunday July 14th. Our club will furnish all the Mardi Gras Beads and Candy to give out during the parade. All members, friends and relatives can participate. We will line up at the Lakewood Cemetery (north side of Lakewood on Hwy 32) starting at 11:30 am. Hope to see you there!!!

WATVA NE MEETING: The Wisconsin ATV Association (WATVA) will hold their regional meeting on Saturday July 27th in Dunbar WI. Previous information regarding this meeting was in the Newsletter that was send out last week. The correct website to register for this meeting is: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/watva-northeast-regional-meeting-registration-64329284622.

TRAIL AMBASSADOR PROGRAM: Attached is information regarding the Trail Ambassador Program. We are looking for volunteer’s to become Trail Ambassador’s. The attachment will explain what is required to become a Trail Ambassador and how to contact if you are interested.

Trail Ambassador.jpg (1 MB)



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