Good Morning. the following is a list of the Cash Winner’s from our Cash Raffle held on Saturday August 15th, 2020 at Animal’s Bear Trail Inn:

$4000.00 -Lance & Kim Wiedenhault

$2000.00 – Dave & Connie Hedman

$900.00 – Dave Pitterle & Dave Krizek

$700.00 – Connie Wisneski

$600.00 – Don Springstroh

$500.00 – Pat Wisneski

$450.00 – Dave Kalous

$300.00 – Fay & Sarah Fiedler

$200.00 –  Dot Wells, Jodi Boucher, Lexi & Mark, Linda Smith, James Francois, Jerry VanDen Plas

$150.00 – Gene Fredrickson, Eric Nelson, Greg Seylar, Tracy, Ann & Darcy, John Brantmeier, Greg Zell, Brian & Janet Hart, Rick Scray, Jim Jawort, Darcy Smith, Rick Farr

The following is a list of Winner’s for our Gun Raffle:  Gun – Bob Johnson, $75.00 Dale Bergsbaker, & $25.00 Brian Brehmer

The Hidden Bear Trail ATV Board of Director’s would like to thank everyone that purchased a ticket.  Proceeds from this raffle go back in to maintaining safe ATV/UTV Trails and creating new ATV/UTV trails for rider’s to enjoy!!

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ANNUAL FUNDRAISER AND MEAT RAFFLE:  Due to the concern in the increase of Covid-19 cases in Oconto County, the Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club Board of Directors have decided to cancel our annual fundraiser and meat raffle scheduled for Saturday August 15th at Animal’s Bear Trail Inn.  Individual’s that have purchased a gun raffle or a $100.00 cash raffle ticked are welcome to attend the drawing that will take place outside at 6:00 pm at Animal’s Bear Trail Inn in the Town of Doty.  You do not need to be present to win on either raffle.  Winner’s will be announced via email and published in the Beacon.


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BRUSHING FRIDAY JULY 17TH:  Just a reminder that we will be having a club brushing day on Friday July 17th starting at 9:00 am.  We will be starting in 2 locations, anyone that can start at Animal’s Bear Trail Inn should be in the parking lot at 9:00 am and will take instructions from Mike Richling (Animal).  They will start at Hwy T and the Trail and work North and East to Blue Spruce to Mountain Lake Road.  The other starting location will be at the Town of Riverview (trailer parking is available).  This crew will work going north and south from Island Lake Road and meet up with the group coming from Animal’s.  Please bring pruning equipment and chain saws, our goal is to clean up any brush around signs, to clear any brush on curves for better line of sight and to take out any small trees that are leaning toward the trail.  Lunch will be on the club and we will eat at Mulligan’s.  Any questions call Jim at 920-562-7872.

ANNUAL FUNDRAISER SATURDAY AUGUST 15TH:  At the July Board meeting the Board of Director’s voted to go ahead with our Annual Fundraiser with the following changes:  The event will be held from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm with our cash raffle drawing after 5:00 pm at Animals Bear Trail Inn on Hwy T and Hwy 64 in Doty.  No food will be served.  We will have meat raffles and 50-50 raffles.  Refreshments will be purchased with cash outside (Beer and water).  The entire event will be held outdoors with the tents and tables spread out as much as possible.  We will practice social distancing and will furnish hand sanitizer and masks to anyone that would like to wear a mask.  Mask are not required.  We will have meat raffles and 50-50 raffles during the event.  The meat raffles will be $2.00 a round with 6 meat prizes on each round.  This will be the same as our normal $1.00 meat raffle with 3 meat prizes, the $2.00 meat raffle will give you 6 chances to win instead of 3.

This is our only Fundraiser of the year and need your help to make this successful.  We are in need of 6 meat raffle sellers from 2:00 to 3:30 and another 6 from 3:30 to 5:00.  We do want our raffle seller’s to wear mask while they are selling and after each round we will have a designated area where the seller’s can sanitize their hands.  We are only planning 30 rounds of meat raffles during the 3 hours, which means each group of seller’s will be only be doing 15 rounds. We will also need help setting up Friday Afternoon and Saturday Morning before the event.  If you can help us out please reply to this email or call me at 920-562-7872. 

The Board of Director’s decided to go ahead with the fundraiser at this time due to planning purposes but if we see a need to cancel the event anytime during the planning stages we may need to do that.  Thanks for being a member!!!!


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