Effective Monday July 8th for approx one month Saul Springs Road in the Town of Doty will be closed from Eickhoff Road to Rose Lake Road to replace 2 large culverts.  The following is the detour coming from the south going north:  From Hwy T & 64 (Animal’s Bear Trail Inn) continue on Hwy T past Eickhoff Road (do not turn on Eickhoff Road), continue north on Hwy T until you come to North Saul Springs Road (that end of Saul Springs Road is not closed), turn left onto North Saul Springs Road until you come to Setting Lake Road and Rose Lake Road.  You can take either road, Rose Lake or Setting Lake out to Sawyer Lake Road (the other option is to stay on Hwy T into Townsend).  From Sawyer Lake Road you can take the normal routes to the Nicolet Trail (Olive Pit Bar with snowmobile and ATV on roof).

The following is the detour coming from the North (Nicolet State Trail/Olive Pit):  Take normal ATV trails/routes to get to Sawyer Lake Road, you can take either Rose Lake Road or Setting Lake road (Rose Lake Road will take you past Saul Springs Road that is closed.)  Where Setting Lake Road and Rose Lake Road meet, you will take N. Saul Springs Road out to Hwy T, turn right onto Hwy T and continue south, passing Eickhoff Road and getting on the normal route once you pass Eickhoff Road.

The Town of Doty will be putting out Temporary Yellow ATV Detour Signs with Green Arrows on Monday July 8th.

Thanks Jim