Trail Information

After 3 years of
planning the snowmobile trail from Hemlock Dam Road to Pickerel Lake Road is now
legal for ATV & UTV use from August 1st to October
31st each year. The late opening is due to concerns about hawks
nesting along the route. This is considered a Route because it is also
open to Highway Legal Vehicles so be aware of cars and trucks but  it is a very
nice 3 mile “trail” in the true sense of riding the


For a very nice
ride take the Nicolet Trail up to Wildwood Trail and follow Spring Lake Road to
Hemlock Dam Road and turn left. Follow Hemlock Dam until you see a choice of
left or ahead. Take a few minutes to go left on the dead end to the river for a
very nice view. Then turn around and go back to Hemlock Dam but turn left and
follow the signs on the new trail over to Pickerel Lake Road. Turn right on
Pickerel Dam Road and follow it to Gluckie Lake Road and turn left. Follow
Gluckie Lake Road to Binder Lake Road and turn right. Binder Lake Road comes out
just east of the Townsend Town Dump so take a left on Village View so you have
two choices.  Follow it left around to the Nicolet Trail by the Ambulance Garage
and back to Townsend via the Nicolet Trail. This is an all gravel and dirt ride
except for a short stretch of Village View. Or if you go right you ride the
blacktop from the dump to the Nicolet Trail across from Powers boat


The east side of
Highway 32 has some really nice trails and gravel routes to explore and very few
riders take advantage. …check it out for yourself. Thanks to the National
Forest Service for opening the new route to complete the