Winner’s and Thankyou’s

The Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club Says Thank you

The Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club (HBT ATV Club) would like to thank all
the people who attended its annual fund-raiser on Saturday August 17th
at Animals Bear Trail Inn.  Also thanks to all the people who purchased
a cash raffle ticket prior to the event.  The winners and amount they
won:  $4000.00 Mike Hedman & Jason Zimmers, $2000.00 – Rico, $900.00 –
Justin Wisneski, $700.00 – Mike Richling & Cheryl Jawort, $600.00 –
James Francois, $500.00 Darcy, Tracy & Ann, $450.00 – Julie Geboy,
$300.00 Matt Lasecki, $200.00  Ron Hermsen, Bill Albers, Greg Hietpas,
Darlene Tachick, Gene Dunsirn, Tom Langbauer, $150.00 – O’Neils Halfway
Bar, Ellie & Chrissy, Steve Yaeger, Troy Clay, Pete Liptack, Bill Wolf,
John Brantmeier, Marilyn Trechiel, Bill Galbraith, Dale Koller, &
O’Neils Halfway Bar.  The winner of the Gun Raffle was Aaron Oechsle,
2nd Prize $75.00 – Rico and 3rd Prize $25.00 – Lance Wiedenbrueft.  The
winner of the Binder Lake Resort Package was Debbie Mussel.  Thanks goes
to Paul Bunyan Snowmobile Club for running the meat raffle and all the
members that helped Thursday, Friday & Saturday.  The proceeds from the
fund-raiser and the cash raffle go toward creating new ATV/UTV
routes/trails.  Contact the HBT ATV Club at: or visit the website at:

Thank you

Jim Wisneski, Secretary

Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club