Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club Newsletter #2, 2017

MEMBERSHIP MEETING & FUNDRAISER:  Our 2nd membership meeting for 2017 was held on August 19th, 2017 at 10:30 AM at Animal’s Bear Trail Inn.  We had a total of 55 people in attendance.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am just in time to start our annual fun-fun-fun raiser.  The event started right at noon with the first meat raffle and ended at 6:00 pm with the announcement of the winner of $4000.00 from our cash raffle.  The weather was great this year and the turnout was even better.  The Board of Directors would like to thank all the volunteers that worked that day and to all the people that attended the event.  You can see pictures of the event by visiting our website atwww.hiddenbeartrailatvclub.com.  The Board of Directors are already planning for next years event.  This is our only Fund Raiser of the year and all proceeds from the event go back into the ATV Trail System.  Mark your calendars for next year for the Saturday August          18th, 2018!!!

TRAIL UPDATE:  We are continuing to work with the Forest Service, DNR, Local and County Government to get a connection from Boulder Lake Area to the Wolf River Trail in Langlade County.  We have ran into some problems with this project but have not given up and will continue to work to get this accomplished but it is taking longer than expected.  Please be patience, we are only volunteers and are trying to do our best to get this important project completed.  After September 1st and before October 1st we will be repairing .30 mile of ATV Trail from Hwy T in Doty toward Blue Spruce Road.  We have a DNR Grant for $7200.00.  Our club has made 6 new water bars that we will be putting in on the hills in this area along with other repairs in this area.  We have now completed the work along Hwy T in Doty in the ditch line.  We had to wait to have the large rocks we put in to settle and then we put a layer of crushed gravel over the top.  We are looking at doing this along Highway F east of the Beach Club in the ditch line also, this should be completed next spring.

NORTHEAST WISCONSIN ATV ASSOCIATION (WATVA) MEETING:  The WATVA Northeast Meeting was held in Dunbar on Saturday July 15th.  Our club partnered with Red Arrow Snowmobile/ATV Club and rode our ATV’s/UTV’s from Townsend to Dunbar to attend the Meeting.  We had 25 people that went on the ride.  It looks like the WATVA will be getting their funding they lost 2 years ago back (a total of $300,000.00 each year).  This money was to run the Safety Enhancement Program (Trail Patrol Program).  The other important discussion at this meeting was get a feeling on what members thought about having a winter trail pass issued to people that use their ATV’s/UTV’s in the winter.  Currently the ATV Program pays over $500,000.00 a year to the snowmobile program for winter use ATV trails.   Currently their is no program designed to get an exact count of how many ATV/UTV’s use the winter trail system.  If changed user’s would need to pay a yearly trail pass fee.

NEXT MEMBERSHIP MEETING, CLUB RIDE AND CLUB COOKOUT:  Our next membership meeting (and last meeting of 2017) will be Saturday September 30th, 2017 at 10:00 am at the Firelite Lounge in Lakewood WI.  Elections for next year will be conducted at the meeting.  All officer’s positions are up, if you are interested in running for an office please contact Jim Wisneski at 920-562-7872.  After the meeting (approx 11:00 am) we will start the club ride from the Lakewood Trailhead (their is plenty of trailer parking) going over to Crooked Lake again this year.  We will have lunch at the Crooked Lake Sportsmans Club at the end of the year Poker Run Event sponsored by Dusty Trails ATV Club and Crooked Trails ATV Club.  After lunch we will ride back to the Lakewood Trailhead and have our annual club cookout at the Trailhead.  Any member, friends or family is welcome to enjoy the ride and the cookout.  Anyone just wants to attend the cookout they are most welcome.  The cookout will start at 4:00 pm and last until dusk.

BUSINESS MEMBERS:  The following is a list of Business Members, please help support their business:  Lakewood Hardware, Lakewood Super Valu, Mulligans, The Beach Club, Lotter’s Lakewood Shell,  J&J Contracting, Animals Bear Trail Inn, Maple Heights Campground, Echo Valley Campground, Boulder Lake Campground, Tebo Lakewood Realty & Cellular, O’Neils Halfway Bar, 9 Mile Bar & Resort, Firelite Bar & Grill, Waubee Lodge, Prospect Bar & Grill, The School House Bar & Grill, Sand Trap Bar & Gril & Lakewood Motorsports.

BOARD MEETINGS:  The Board of Directors meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month from March – October at 6:00 pm at Animal’s Bear Trail Inn.  All members are welcome to attend!!